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Head to Table...Everything in Between

 A 30-day journey of an integrated approach to wellness with a nutrient dense diet and sustainable self-care.

Summer 2018 is here bringing a lot of fresh and exciting energy with it. This last spring was marked by so much positive change at ÆON, A Hair Studio and the momentum is really inspiring. It’s been a super rewarding period professionally.

At ÆON, A Hair Studio, our partnerships with Davines haircare and ComfortZone skincare give us the most cutting edge tools and information on how to live beautifully in a holistic and a sustainable way. Both lines rightly insist that a well-rounded, healthful approach to all aspects of daily life is what creates real, lasting beauty and wellness. Because there is so much truth in this approach it has been a joy to share it with our clients and to see how much they love our shop and the work we do here.

Educating our clients has forced Kimberly and I to take a step back and realize that we are not living up to our own standards. Not by a long shot. All of the energy and inspiration surrounding our professional lives has us burning the candle at both ends and falling out of thesimple, balanced practices that are crucial to our vitality and happiness. Together we have decided to challenge ourselves to take the same consistent effort and dedication that we put into the shop and to apply it to making long over-due changes in our lifestyles.

Over the next 30 days, Kimberly and I will tackle a few of our worst habits and see if we can create some positive lasting change in our personal lives. Our first challenge is a commitment to blogging about our journey, the good, the bad and the ugly. Our hope is to generate even more energy in the shop, and motivate our clients with the wisdom of simplicity and maintaining healthy lifestyle.